Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Maggie Bonanomi Workshop

Maggie Bonanomi
The three day workshop held recently with Maggie Bonanomi was a big success - thanks so much to the Guild Board for all their work in planning the event - it's very exciting to have a national teacher come to Utah and share her talents with us!  The theme of the event was Embrace Imperfection

And to start the first day off, Maggie shared her method of tearing strips of wool between 3/4" and 1" wide - then she cuts the wool strips down the middle using scissors and hooks her rugs with the result - always a very wide cut with one torn side and one smooth cut side. She showed a couple projects illustrating her Wonky Rug technique of not making lines perfectly straight or loops pulled perfectly even.....

and then the class was left to their own devices to try and replicate her look.

The second day everyone started on a new project - most of them were designs from one of Maggie's earlier books. Lots of fun going on!

Each attendee received a kit to make one of Maggie's puzzle balls using linen and cotton velvet - one industrious hand stitcher had it completely finished before leaving!

And on the third day we got the big reveal from Maggie's brand new book. Unfortunately, the box of books arrived on her front porch in Missouri while she was here in Utah so she wasn't able to bring them, but she DID bring most of the projects that are shown in the book so we got to see them all in person - such beautiful work!

 Surprisingly, she has added a bit of purple & indigo to some of the designs in this book.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Another Finish to Share

Here is another finished purse that was started in the spring at a Guild Meeting. Kim chose a cheery yellow color for her project and incorporated several different techniques in her work. Nice job!