Sunday, July 14, 2013

Guild Meeting

On Saturday, July 13th, we had a Guild meeting and learned how to make several different styles of flowers out of wool. First up was Sharon who demonstrated some darling sunflowers with a hooked center and proddy leaves that were then attached to sticks so they could be displayed in a jar or vase -

Lisa & Nan then showed us how to make little flowers using the selvages that were torn off of new wool. Some were just coiled like a quilly and some were gathered. Leaves were added and a pin back could be used to wear it on a lapel.

This same technique was used to attach the little flowers to a branch and they ended up looking like hollyhocks - so cute!

 Nan then made a flower by felting some wool roving and then shaping it with a pair of scissors. The wool was SO soft and the colors we were able to choose from were yummy.

Two finished versions of the little purses were brought to the meeting. We learned how to make these the last time we gathered. Cindy added cute little sheep to hers:

and Gayle did lots of flowers:

Pat is making good progress on her bag and is currently adding lots of bead embellishments to it.

This flower was made by starting with a circle of wool, then cutting it into a spiral using a pair of pinking shears (or a zig zag blad on a rotary cutter) and gathering it into a flower shape.

Angela got her selvage flower finished and was wearing it on her shirt.

The day was spent in good company. Our next event is the Maggie B workshop and there are still a couple openings available, so if you want to attend please contact Londi or Angela ASAP.