Thursday, May 23, 2013

Guild Workshop

A Guild meeting was held in Woods Cross on May 18th and we all got started on a fun project that used a lot of the techniques we learned during the Ali Strebel Seminar. We are making small hooked bags to be used for carrying rug hooking supplies (or whatever) and it was so fun to see all the different versions and color combinations that people were using.  The Board did a fantastic job of preparing for the day - organized down the the Nth degree! Pictures are below - in no particular order.

These first two pictures show Londi's and Pat's projects that they had been working on in advance so we could visualize what the finished items would be like. Quillie flowers played an integral part in the design.

Here are some 'in progress' photos:

And here are a few extra curricular needle felted projects that were there:

Dyed wool fabric that will look like beading when it is hooked - only three colors of dye were used.

Dyed roving that was available to be used in our projects - yummy colors!

Pictures of the attendees:

A good time was had by all and we look forward to our next event!