Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ali Strebel Workshop

Our guild just finished up a wonderful three day workshop with Ali Strebel, who came from Ohio to teach. She was our very first national teacher and it was a very memorable event. Besides all the learning that was going on, the theme and decorations for the festivities made it even more special. (Alice in Wonderland)

A luncheon that was provided on the first day was over the top with an 18' table set with linen table cloths, glass dishes and antique tea pots filled with lemonade. Croissant sandwiches, eclairs, scones and clotted cream were on the menu.

Ali's chair was beautifully embellished and worthy of royalty, and there were wonderful name tags for each of us to wear - with treats delivered every day.

We were given darling pincushions embellished with silk ribbon embroidery that were made in china tea cups as a keepsake of this event.

Each person attending purchased one of two different kits from Ali, and she jumped right in to show us the different techniques that she used on them. Things like standing wool circles, wool applique, needle felting with wool roving, and beading.

These are HER rugs that were taught in the class.

She wandered around the room for three days, stopping to explain, demonstrate, teach and suggest.

On the second day of the workshop, she asked the guild members to bring show & tell so she could see our group's talent - of which there is PLENTY!

On the last day, we lined up our class projects so we could see how much had been accomplished.

And here is a group shot of the workshop attendees (minus a couple gals who had to leave early)

The event was considered a smashing success, and we look forward to the next one. Thanks to everyone who participated!